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Applications & Forms

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General Applications & Forms
Recreation Commission

Application Permit for the Use of Grounds:  
Application / Permit (Click Here)

Building Department Applications & Forms

Building Department - Counter Form Application

Home Improvement Contractor Registration Application

Municipal Code Book

Building Application

Electric Application

Fire Application 

Mechanical Application

Plumbing Application 

Building Permits                                                                    
The scope and value of the work will determine which subcode permits will be necessary and how much the permits will cost. The only person that can price out the permit is the Construction Official. When permits are submitted to the office, we do our best to expedite the process. The Construction Official has 20 days to review permits if necessary. The Construction Official reviews plans so that you, the homeowner, will be building, or have built, a structure that will provide the services that you expect from it. If you are building a deck, the deck will support the weight and be structurally sound, as well as an addition or entire house. The Construction Official’s duty is to protect the homeowner, property and environment.

Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certification (Rental/Resale) -  Application

Single Family Building Permit Requirements

Fire Extinguisher/Detector Information

Landlord Registration

Zoning Permits                                                                        
Zoning permits are required to make changes or additions to your property. The Zoning Officer will check which zone your property is located in and verify that the necessary setbacks have been met. A zoning permit is necessary for any type of structure on your property.

General Zoning Requirements

Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Board of Adjustment - Application